A lifetime in 24 hours

If my life were to be represented by just one 24 hour day, it’d currently only be just past 8:30am. It’s no wonder I’m still feeling sleepy.

Calculate your current time here.

Happy 25th

It’s my birthday, so here’s a story I wrote a while back

It’d have to be at least 6 months ago now. Ahhh the good old days

This Man’s Brighter Days

I’m super excited to see this video getting some great attention out there. It’s currently sitting at just under 350,000 views and the feedback has been amazing so far.

I especially love the deep and insightfully creative discussion it’s been generating on the youtube comments:

0:46 It’s a man!

1:16 That’s not a girl..I’m pretty sure..

Ejm.. 499* girls.. Look at 0:46! XD

It’s a guy at 0:46! Haha, i bet they thought no one would see it :)

1:16 that woman is growing an excellent mustache

Uhh…I saw a lotta guys…or manly women…who knows…

uhh guy at 1:16

Who is the dude at 1:16

At 0:46 it’s a dude..

1:16 that’s no girl!


Dude at 0:46. i feel cheated

Thankfully at least one astute commenter was able to clear it all up:

He didn’t say it was JUST girls. There are lots of guys in this video.

and was promptly drowned out by the people pointing out the guys…

Oh and something from reddit:


Living on the edge

It’s called “living on your edge” and it’s about making yourself a little uncomfortable by removing distractions and vices of comfort. We all have things which we just automatically do when we want to zone out and do nothing. These things distract us from what we really should be doing or they distract us from activities which would be more personally rewarding and gratifying but we are comfortable doing them and they provide us with some instant gratification and so we repeat them.

Every couple of months I get bogged down and backed up with procrastination. My priorities get all messed up and my self-disciple goes out the window. Every few months I need a discipline detox to get me working properly again. The “living on your edge” challenge is my diving-into-the-deep-end fix.

The challenge lasts for a least a week with the following rules:

  • No drugs – this including alcohol, tabacco and caffeine.
  • No TV, movies or computer games
  • No junk food – you’re hungry, make yourself something nice.
  • No wanking.
  • No avoidance. If there’s a task you know you should be doing, do it.
  • Be disciplined on the internet. We obviously all the need the internet in our daily lives but steer clear of those time waste sites. This includes looking up random things, watching random TED talks and getting lost on Wikipedia.
  • The very first thing to do after waking up is to eat breakfast.
  • Be disciplined with sleep. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and get out of bed at a reasonable hour.
  • Only do one thing at a time. So when you are eating, no reading or working at the same time. When you are pooping, only poop.
  • Regularly ask yourself “Am I being productive or just active?”. If you are just being active you’re probably just wasting time and avoiding doing things that you should be doing.
  • Be conscious of truthfulness and lovingness in all interactions. Work on making others feel good just for the sake of making them feel good.

Checking your normal websites like facebook and twitter is fine, just try not to do it compulsively. I limit it down to one visit a day and use that time to reply to everything I need to and then get off. Having breakfast first thing in the morning is a nice way to mix up the normal routine and be conscious of the challenge from the get-go.

Socialising is good, just be active with it. Going to a friends house to watch a movie is not allowed. Cooking a meal or going to the beach together, sure sounds great.

A core purpose of this challenge is to get more involved in creative pursuits. With the main idea being to eventually swap our vices with more creative and more productive pursuits. It’s easy to sit on the internet for a few hours and just absorb value from others, it’s a little more difficult but also greatly more rewarding to spend that time doing a creative and relaxing activity which actually produces something.

This challenge also really points out just how much time a single day really does contain and just how much it’s possible to complete.

This is best done with a friend or two who you can catch up with a couple of times. It adds a bit of companionship and accountability and makes it easier to get through the toughest days.

So which way?

I think that way.