If your life were a day

If your entire life was represented by a single 24 hour day, what time would it be at the moment?

When were you born:

Choose a month
Pick a year
Pick a life expectancy
It appears you haven’t even woken up yet.
The sun is just rising…
The day is young. Get stuck in, make the most of it.
Time for a siesta?
Still plenty of time to enjoy the day
Don’t miss the twilight
It’s getting a little late…
Well it looks like you’ve gone and beaten all expectation, you sly dog you.

This is based off the current global life expectancy estimates of 70 years according to the 2010 estimate from the World Bank (source)

But hey, maybe you don’t agree with these figures or you want to use a figure a little more relevant to you. To enter in a number you think is a little more fitting, click here.